It may seem that any company’s growth potential is limited by its current assets. However, our experience shows that there are other opportunities for a company to grow and open new fields of activities.

Our partnership program offers cooperation in selling MTT’s services in the territory of Russia. You can use MTT’s potential to expand your range of services and attract new customers. Within the partnership program you will get a considerable remuneration for distributing and publishing information about MTT’s products and services.

Who can become our partner?

Any company can become our partner:

  • a website of online shop focused on IT, telecom, software etc.;
  • a company with a large network of branches or partners;
  • software developers and system integrators;
  • other legal entities interested in the partnership.

Experience in IT, telecommunications, network equipment or software sales or in any other related field will be a plus and a contribution to your success.

Partnership options

Depending on your company profile, we can offer you to:

  • place MTT’s links/banners on your web resources;
  • promote and place information about MTT in your shops;
  • sell MTT’s services via your distribution channels;
  • sell your equipment with pre-installed MTT’s services;
  • set up your equipment for further selling of MTT’ telecom services.

We are also open to consider any other options and offers.

Partnership benefits

If you join our partnership program, you will get:

  • a significant remuneration;
  • discounts for MTT's products and services;
  • support in your company’s promotion;
  • open and transparent analysis of your efforts’ effect;
  • compliance with all obligations.

Over the many years of its existence Interregional TransitTelecom has proven to be a reliable and responsible partner. Use MTT’s abilities and name to ensure a dynamic growth for your company. We will be happy to see you among our partners!

When to start partnership?

Right now!