Providing access to a data packet network to subscribers that have mobile devices supporting GPRS or 3G and are located in the roaming area by establishing a dedicated link for traffic transit between the visited mobile network and the home mobile network.

Why МТТ?

  • МТТis a member of AMS-IX Association;
  • MTT’s GRX network complies with all GSMA technical requirements in accordance with IR.34, IR.67, IR.88 and AA.80;
  • Operators can be connected by several ways, including through:
    • Ethernet 10M/100M/1G/10G;
    • Frame Relay;
    • IPSec VPN via Internet.
  • When connecting an operator, MTT ensures:
    • Compliance with IP addressing principles;
    • Core DNS service support;
    • BGP-4 support;
    • Peering with GRX partners;
    • SLA and QoS compliance.

By connecting to MTT’s GRX service, operators get:

  • An opportunity to provide GPRS/UMTS services within the national and international roaming;
  • Availability of the service all over the world both via MTT’s own GRX network and via the networks of GRX providers;
  • An opportunity to sign a single GRX service agreement with МТТ;
  • A reliable MTT network with high reliability, fail-safety and redundancy.

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