A normal telephone number is not enough for you? You want to set up a call logic rather than just calling and receiving calls? Then you will need a Virtual Exchange.

Virtual Exchange will let you in just a few minutes enable and set up:

  • multichannel direct-dial numbers;
  • logical numbers: 8–800, 8–804 (to let your family call you for free);
  • intelligent call routing (including: forwarding, call barring, schedule setup, time-based routing, user-based routing, black lists, voicemail sending to email etc.);
  • IVR.

An intuitive interface, no need to sign a paper agreement with the operator and a free test period will let you quickly check out the service. One direct-dial number is provided for free.

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FeatureRate (per month)
Virtual PBX (5 internal numbers)299 rub.
Additional features:
FeatureRate (per month)
Internal number35,4 rub./mon.
Direct city numberover 150 rub./mon.