МТТ.Mobile is a mobile solution for those who need a Moscow direct-dial number and cost-effective call rates but cannot lay cables. MTT.Mobile will resolve this problem and let you call your friends and family any time from other countries and regions.

A direct-dial number with (499) code is provided to all MTT.Mobile subscribers without any connection charge, and the subscription fee already includes free calls to any MTT.Mobile subscribers and free texting within the network.

MTT.Mobile will not only provide you with a high-quality ‘home’ communication and let you call to any Moscow City and Moscow Region numbers for free (with the codes 495, 496, 498 and 499). The transit capacities of the company’s network will ensure cost-effective prices for remote calls within Russia and abroad.

MTT.Mobile Internet:

Benefits of MTT’s mobile Internet:

  • low subscription fee: just 690 roubles a month;
  • data transfer speed of up to 1 Mbps*;
  • unlimited traffic volume;
  • connectivity in any part of Moscow and the Moscow Region.