Success at the first attempt, good quality of conversation, no noise, delays and echoes: these are the advantages of MTT’s telecom service. How do we achieve this high quality of intercity and international communication? Thanks to optimized call routing via our own network. To put it short, you call reach your destination using the shortest and the freest link. .

Operator selection for each call (Hot-Choice)

You can select a telecom operator each time you decide to call someone. This is the best option for those that want to call at the lowest rates possible. To use MTT serviсe, you will have to dial an additional code: after you have dialed 8 and heard a long tone, you dial ‘53’ for an intercity call or ‘58’ for an international call.

Operator pre-selection (Pre-Select)

Operator pre-selection means that all your calls will be handled by MTT. This option will help you get the lowest rates for intercity and international calls and dial fewer numbers when calling.