Probably you already know that 8–800 is a number used by companies for advertising campaigns and customer service and that you can call these numbers for free from any part of Russia.

But have you ever thought that this number can be popular with private people? For example to let your friends and family call you for free.

With this service you will be able to set up call routing, enable ATM and deny unwanted calls. This can be done in the intuitive personal area.

MTT’s 8–800 numbers are not expensive, so everyone can afford to enjoy its functionality.

Also you might consider 8–804 numbers. The only difference between 8-800 and 8-804 is that 8-804 can be set up as an identifiable number for outbound calls.

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Connection fee
Regular990 rub.
Bronze118 000 rub.
Silver236 000 rub.
Gold354 000 rub.

Monthly payment - 1 180 rub.

Outgoing calls:
DirectionRate (rubles per minute)
Moscowover 0,71 rub.
Russia mobileover 3,36 rub.

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