Stay in touch with your friends and family! No matter how far away they are from you. Affordable communication from MTT will help you hear each other from any part of the world!

MTT’s network covers the whole Russia. It is constantly being improved and upgraded to meet the newest ever-growing demands. Now end users can enjoy the technologies that used to be available only to professionals.

You can connect to MTT from any region. If you often make intercity calls, choose MTT as your intercity and international communication operator. If you need reliable mobile telephony and a stable Internet access, sign up for MTT.Mobile.

And smartphone application will let you save money on mobile service both home and in roaming.

All services are licensed and provided in accordance with the Federal Law On Communications No. 126ФЗ dd. 07.07.2003.

Enjoy all the communication options with МТТ! Whichever service you choose, you can be sure to get a high-quality connection and attentive support.