Virtual Exchange is a comprehensive solution with an intuitively convenient interface in the user account where you can quickly enable and set up the services you need without an operator’s help:

  • multichannel direct-dial numbers;
  • toll-free numbers: 8–800, 8–804;
  • extension numbers (unlimited quantity);
  • intelligent call routing (forwarding, call barring, schedule setup, time-based or user group based routing, blacklists, receiving voice mail/ fax by email etc.)
  • IVR.

Virtual Exchange will let you:

  • use full Exchange functionality without purchasing equipment;
  • unite your subdivisions into a single telecom environment;
  • keep telephone numbers when moving;
  • make local, intra-zonal, intercity and international calls at cost-effective rates and free calls within the network, which will reduce your communication expenses;
  • monitor your employees’ performance in real time from any part of the world;
  • quickly change the scope, the volume and the functionality of the service based on your business needs.

Calls can be made from: IP phones, softphones, smartphones and analogue telephones with a VoIP gateway.

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FeatureRate (per month)
Virtual PBX (3 internal numbers)299 rub.
Additional features:
FeatureRate (per month)
Internal number90 rub./mon.
Direct city numberover 150 rub./mon.

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