iQube™ is an innovative cloud service providing video telephony to customers.

Your customers can get video consultancy from any part of the world, fill our documents and perform payment without visiting your office.

iQube™ can process video calls coming from different devices/resources, such as a website/web page, iOS or Android mobile devices, ATMs, kiosks or BigPad® video terminals.

You can consult your customers straight from your company website by placing there a iQube Video Consultant module.

iQube advantages vs. other similar solutions:

  • Online queue of video calls, which won’t let you lose a customer. Each customer in the queue can see his/her number and is more likely to wait for the operator’s answer if all operators are busy.
  • Desktop view: the operator can simply demonstrate to the customer any actions on his display.
  • Demonstration of presentations and files: the operator can show prepared presentations and images.
  • Form sending: the customer does not need to be personally present to fill out papers. You can send a form to the customer and get his/her signature in the real-time mode.

Service features:

  • you can launch the basic service within one day without any significant expenses on IT infrastructure;
  • you can merge the service with CRM systems;
  • it makes your company look more customer-oriented;
  • it helps you differentiate;
  • it processes video calls through MTT without burdening the customer’s infrastructure.


  • automated registration in the iQube™ catalogue (iOS, Android);
  • video call, video mail (the customer can leave a video message which will be later viewed by the operator), call from website;
  • call forward to a 8-800 number if all operators are busy or not available, call forward between groups of operators;
  • options during the call: show images or operator’s desktops, send text, request personal data entering, fill out forms together with the customer (form designer);
  • customer feedback on operator’s work at the end of the call;
  • recording of video call and of the information provided during the call;
  • history saving.