Short Numbers

For content services, service (short) numbers are provided. When the end-user makes an outgoing call using a service number, the mobile operator replaces this number with MTT’s routing number in its mobile switching centre. Then the call is forwarded to a call processing centre and the connection is established.

Routing numbers (901202) are only used for routing calls from the mobile operator’s network to MTT’s network and then to the call processing centre of the content provider. The assigned numbers are not available for direct calls from mobile devices.

8 809 Paid Numbers

A paid number lets you organize paid information, consultancy and entertainment services accessed through a single logical number from the non-geographic zone numbering plan with the code 809.

Examples of paid requests:

  • currency exchange rates, train schedules, flight schedules, weather forecast;
  • entertainment content (tales, jokes, astrological forecasts, tests, quizzes);
  • legal or psychiatrist advice.

Main services:

  • provision of an intelligent number with DEF=809 code plus one logical condition;
  • connection of users with the 809 number;
  • financial settlements with the users.

Number format

To call the subscriber company users will have to dial the following number:

8-809-333-Х4×5×6×7, where

  • 8 is the international access prefix,
  • 809 is the IN service code,
  • 333 is the IN service operator (MTT),
  • Х4 is the tariff plan number,
  • Х5×6×7 is the subscriber’s service number.