Retail and service chains can enjoy the following services aimed at optimizing external and internal communication channels.

Direct-dial numbers – are multichannel numbers with prefixes of nine Russian cities. You can choose from a pool of vanity numbers of various categories.

8–800 – is a single multichannel number for establishing free communication with your customers. Waiting times for the callers will be reduced due to service algorithms.

Virtual Telephone Exchange – is a solution that lets you profit from full telephone exchange functionality without purchasing equipment. Integration of all retail/service locations into a single communication environment; free intra-company communication.

Intercity and International Voice Service – provided through MTT’s own TDM network with locations in every region of Russia and interconnections with 50 foreign telecom networks. High quality of service, attractive rates and discount plans.

Online Monitoring – a system for monitoring the service level of the call centre. Real-time notification when critical values of customer service level are reached.