A comprehensive solution for establishing efficient customer interaction channels consists of a set of options selected by the customer.

Direct-dial numbers – are multichannel numbers with prefixes of nine Russian cities. You can choose from a pool of vanity numbers of various categories.

8–800 – is a single multichannel number for free communication with customers. Waiting times for the bank’s customers will be reduced due to service algorithms.

Virtual Telephone Exchange – is a solution that lets you profit from full telephone exchange functionality without purchasing equipment. Integration of your bank’s subdivisions into a single communication environment; backup of your office telephone exchange.

Call Centre – – is a geographically distributed scalable operator centre for processing incoming and outgoing calls. Outsourced business processes of the bank.

Online Monitoring – is a system that monitors the service level of your own or outsourced call-centre. Real-time notification when critical values of the bank’s customer service level are reached.