Bulk Messaging service provides bulk sending of text messages using any base of telephone numbers.

MTT OJSC guarantees the lowest price per message thanks to cooperation with the largest telecom operators in Russia and worldwide.

Bulk Messaging allows you to:

  • send any notices to the numbers from your base;
  • notify your customers of your special offers and discounts;
  • get new customers using subscriber database and targeting.

We can implement bulk messaging in any geographic district of a city within the specified range using your subscriber database.

The service is provided in accordance with the Russian Federal Advertising Law No. 38-ФЗ of March 13, 2006 and the Federal Law No. 152-ФЗ of July 27, 2006.


Rate (1 message)
Direction Rate
Russia, Beeline over 1.18 rub.
Russia, MTS over 1.04 rub.
Russia, Megafon over 1.24 rub.
Russia, Tele-2 0.96 rub.
Yota 1.18 rub.
Motiv 0.43 rub.
Ukraine, Belarus, Kazahstan 1.93 rub.
USA 4.76 rub.
Germany 4.76 rub.