МТТ has had a status of a federal international and intercity communication operator since 2006. MTT’s network has points of presence in every region of Russia. The company directly cooperates with the largest foreign operators. MTT’s network is very pipelined and fail-safe.

Traditional domestic and international long-distance service has a number of advantages:

Quick and easy access:

  • no need for specialist help or for additional equipment;
  • no setup by customer;
  • scalable to any quantity of telephone numbers.

High quality of service

  • the telecom links used support guaranteed data transfer quality standards;
  • quick call completion with no interruptions or interferences;


  • MTT is one of the largest operators with 20 years of experience and untarnished reputation;
  • our network provides service to 170 million customers and processes over 19 million calls a day.

How to dial:

8-tone-city code-subscriber number (domestic call);
Example of a call to Moscow: 8-495-1234567

8-tone-10-county code-city code-subscriber number (international call).
Example of a call to Germany: 8-10-49-798123456