Based on our customer’s needs, MTT OJSC develops integration solutions aimed at improving customer service quality for partners at any level. These developments help our partners implement complex business cases in the shortest time by using all advantages of innovative SaaS and PaaS telecommunications solutions.


This solution allows integrating the functionality of a messenger into virtually any mobile application or web service. The user of such application or service can call other users of the service for free or other fixed line and mobile numbers worldwide for a charge.

This solution will be interesting to mobile application developers, social media providers, network retailers and telecom operators thanks to its simple monetization concept: as consideration, partners will be paid an interest of the total price of the calls made using their services.

Incognito Number

Thanks to this unique solution partners can offer their end users a temporary telephone number to make calls. The number can be chosen out of MTT’s numbering pool (a Russian number or a 8-804 number) or out of the partner’s numbering pool.

The end user will be able to stay anonymous when placing announcements or when communicating on dating websites and in social networks.

Call Back

Call back service helps organizing a convenient way to communicate with each other. The call initiator indicates two numbers between which connection is to be established.

This way, the call will be incoming for both participants. All connection costs will be paid by call initiator at the rates of the service providing company. This solution will be interesting to developers of mobile applications, online games and social media.