International FreePhone Service (IFS) is a service intended for companies with branches abroad and international contacts. It allows accepting incoming calls from all over the world with no limitations.

You can improve the quality of communications for your users, customers and partners by providing them with 24/7 informational and technical support from any part of the world.

This service will help you:

  • establish your company’s presence on the international market without the need to open a new office or hire new staff;
  • create an automated call-centre with a voice menu for abroad users by setting up call forward to the relevant numbers;
  • provide technical support and service to customers all over the world;
  • hold marketing and advertising campaigns in any country of the world;
  • hold conference calls with overseas partners and employees.

You can also reduce your company’s costs for international and domestic long-distance calls by providing your employees with the option to call from their mobiles through a common telephone number.

A call to a 800 number is free of charge.

All incoming calls are paid by the holder of the number at the minimal rate thanks to MTT’s cooperation with numerous operators worldwide aimed at ensuring the most cost-effective rates for customers.

Additional information:

Access to the service will be provided within 10 business days (please specify the countries for which access should be opened to users in the application).

If you have ordered the service with a Unified International Freephone Number (UIFN) it may take up to 43 days to receive the number.

IFS/UIFN Number format: 800-ХХХХ-ХХХХ, where ХХХХ-ХХХХ is the subscriber number assigned by the registration committee of the International Telecommunication Union.