Establishing a hotline for your customers all over Russia means getting closer to them!

Call centres and customer service are no more a prerogative of large companies. Today this communication channel is chosen by all companies that want to grow and enter the markets that seemed to be out of reach.

Free hotline (8–800, 8–804) means that the caller does not pay when he calls a special telephone number, no matter where in Russia he calls from, be it from a mobile telephone or from a fixed line (all costs are incurred by the number owner).

Unlike 8-800, 8–804 number can be identified when outbound calls are made from them.

By choosing this service you will be able to:

  • establish a hotline with an unlimited number of channels for your customer service, automated information service, marketing and advertising campaigns;
  • indicate a single vanity number in advertising materials for all distribution areas;
  • unite all company branches in a single telephone network;
  • route calls based on their intensity, employee availability, time of the day, day of the week, caller location etc. (administration through a personal area);
  • accept all incoming calls and deny unwanted calls;
  • perform regular statistical analysis of received calls (for example, to determine the region with the biggest demand for advertised products or services);
  • use a logical number regardless of the service user’s physical location (the number is portable if the user moves to another place);
  • raise the loyalty of your prospects and existing customers, create or maintain an image of a customer-focused company;
  • provide free telephone service for your remote or travelling staff.

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Connection fee
Regular990 rub.
Bronze118 000 rub.
Silver236 000 rub.
Gold354 000 rub.

Monthly payment - 1 180 rub.

Outgoing calls:
DirectionRate (rubles per minute)
Moscowover 0,71 rub.
Russia mobileover 3,36 rub.

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