International Telecommunication Union

International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is a specialized telecommunication institution of the United Nations. ITU’s headquarters are based in Geneva (Switzerland). ITU consists of 3 sectors:

  • ITU-R — Radio Communication Sector
  • ITU-T — Telecommunication Standardization Sector
  • ITU-D — Radio Communication Development Sector

Since July 2006, MTT has been a member of ITU-T, which mainly focuses on the development of internationally-agreed technical and operational telecommunication standards, international numbering agreement and allocation and the establishment of tariff establishment and financial reporting principles in relation to international telecom services.

In addition to documentary work, MTT’s representatives have regularly and actively participated in various meetings and conferences organized by ITU, including as managing staff.

Infocommunication Union

Infocommunication Union (former 3G Telecom Operators Association) is a non-profit professional organization established in 1999 in Moscow to study issues related to 3G telecom networks. The Infocommunication Union unites operators, equipment suppliers, governmental bodies and analytical companies, coordinates interaction between them in the field of 3G standard implementation, use and development and participates in the development of various concepts related to this topic. The Union consists of 40 company members.

MTT is an associated member of the Infocommunication Union.

GSM Association

GSM Association (GSMA) was established in 1987. Today it unites over 690 GSM mobile telecom operators and 180 equipment manufacturers from 214 counties. The headquarters are located in London (UK).The organization is focused on the examination, development and promotion of GSM technologies and platforms for global mobile communications and on facilitating interconnections between mobile operators. Based on MTT’s core business (MTT has its own license and expands its penetration on the wireless mobile telecom market) and a growing number of mobile users in the world (more than 2.1 billion, which is more than Internet users), issues regulated by GSMA are obviously of a great significance for MTT. For this reason, MTT has closely monitored the latest trends in this field and has been an associated member of GSMA since 2001 and will renew its membership in 2014.

Russian Association for Networks and Services

Russian Association for Networks and Services was created in 2000 to unite non-commercial and governmental institutions and commercial companies (telecom operators and equipment manufacturers). The Association is based in Moscow (Russia); its objective is to monitor the situation on the electronic document communication market and ensure information security.

MTT is a full member of the Russian Association for Networks and Services.

Telecom Quality International Congress Association

Telecom Quality International Congress Association works in the field of telecom service quality research. Its headquarters are in Moscow (Russia). The Association consists of more than 50 telecom companies, including MTT.

Telecom Anti-fraud Association

Telecom Anti-fraud Association is an international non-profit educational association focused on telecommunication anti-fraud protection. The association unites telecom network anti-fraud protection and risk management specialists and aims at improving its members’ performance in these fields. MTT has been a member of this Association since August 2007 and has used the organization’s experience in its own anti-fraud system.


CFCA-FIINA Event is an international organization that is focused on developing methods, approaches and tools to protect telecom operators and customers from fraud, including misuse of telecom services, billing transactions, traffic transmission and termination. Participation in this organization helps companies efficiently manage fraud risks on their networks; in this respect MTT has closely monitored the news in this field, used the relevant information for anti-fraud protection and has been a regular member of this organization since August 2007.