Multiregional TransitTelecom (МТТ) is a Russian operator of a nationwide multi-service network, which has provided a wide range of telecom services to telecom operators, to corporate and private customers in Russia and worldwide for 19 years.

MTT was founded in 1994 to ensure interaction between telecom operators’ networks and today the company is one of the largest transit telecom operators in Russia. In 2006, during Russia’s intercity and international telecom market de-monopolization, MTT was the first Russian telecom operator to break the monopoly and start the provision of remote communication services to end users.

MTT provides intercity and international telecom services and establishes efficient interaction at all levels with more than 1200 mobile and fixed operators both in Russia and abroad, based on our own digital multi-service network with points of presence in all regions of Russia

МТТ’s service fully complies with the effective laws of the Russian Federation, with all necessary licenses in place.

MTT has intensively developed new state-of-the-art telecom services, in addition to classic telecom services. Today, the company’s service portfolio includes: IP telephony for private and corporate customers, Intelligent Telecom Networks, including 8–800\8–804 free-call numbers, MVNO, SMS Transmission Service, Virtual Exchange, direct-dial numbers of Russia’s million+ cities and other countries etc. MTT provides GPRS roaming service for major mobile wireless telecom operators, national and international GPRS roaming (GRX service), telematics services and data transmission services as well as ОКС-7 signalling traffic routing and transmission. MTT was the first company in Russia to provide worldwide IPX roaming to telecom operators. МТТ continues to provide traditional long-distance (inter-city and international) telecom service to private and corporate customers.

МТТ’s efforts are focused on creating state-of-the-art unique technologies and solutions which enable our customers to become more successful and faster than competitors. The company’s sustainable development on the market, its dynamic growth, state-of-the-art technologies and, above all, its staff’s experience and expertise, ensure reliable and contemporary telecom services which create a stable basis for our partners’ business development.